Aerification services to the turf industry

Golf Courses

We can service all your golf course turf needs.

Deep Tine

We are currently running two Wiedenmann GXi8HD deep tine units. These machines are very productive and one of the best on the market.

We can deep tine your greens with 5/16”, ½” or ¾” solid tines with depths around 8+”. The 5/16” needle tines are good for summer venting and for when you want the least amount of disruption with a quick recovery. ½” solid tines are the most popular among our customers and will give you the most bang for your buck.

¾” solid tines will provide larger holes making it easier to incorporate sand into your profile. We usually run the 5/16” and ½” tines at a 2” square spacing, the ¾” tines usually run at a 2”x4” pattern.

Coring w/Core Collection

We core aerate greens with ¼” up to 1” coring tines, shallow or deep with a good tight spacing. We also have two Cushman Core Harvesters that we use to collect cores from greens.

Top Dressing

We have a Toro 2500 Top Dresser that we utilize for topdressing purposes. This unit works well on any surface.

Planet Air

Planet Air HD50 provides a unique 2” deep vertical cutting process that can be combined with any other aerification or on its own for. It is also a good tool to use for breaking up a crust layer and summer venting.

Athletic Fields

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Core Aerification Clean up

We can pulverize aerification cores with the option of verticutting the fairways and tees at the same time with the Wiedenmann Super 500. This unit will redistribute the pulverized material back to the fairway like a top dressing leaving only the tufts and thatch to clean up. We also provide a thatch and tuft sweeping/removal service.

Deep Tine

Deep Tining fairways and tees with ¾” solid tines is becoming more popular among our customers. This is a good supplement to conventional core aerification when you do not want to pull cores and clean them up.


Brock can come out and verticut your fairways or tees with 1.5” spacing with either the First Products VC60 or the Super 500. The Super 500 can actually collect the majority of clippings as it is verticutting.

Conventional Aerification

When aerifing Fairways and Tees we utilize our 5 Toro Procore 880’s. For coring we use 5/8”, ¾” and 7/8” hollow tines and can also run solid tines if you want to punch a hole without making a mess. On average one machine can punch 1.5 acres per hour.


We have an Amazone GNK Seeder that we use on fairways, tee boxes and roughs. It has two rows of spring loaded tines that scratch the surface in opposite directions, opening up a diamond shaped pattern on the ground for the seed to fall into. The seed is then followed by a screen roller that pushes the seed into the ground ensuring seed to soil contact. This unit is good for new seeding and overseeding into existing turf.